31 May 2019

Children in Emali now have improved access to clean water, thanks to you

A new water source means better school performance, and less water-borne disease

Having access to clean water is a basic human necessity. However, for some people living in Emali, Kenya, clean water has been difficult to come by. In the past, many of the local children have traveled up to 16 kilometres a day to collect clean water, and at times, this water is dirty and diseased.

The problems caused by not having access to clean water are many, including disease, illness, unhealthy crops, academic performance, and more. To address this issue, a 195-metre borehole project has recently been completed, which will now provide direct access to clean water for more than 2,700 community members, including two primary schools, one secondary school and three early childhood development centres.

It is also expected that the new water source will reach the local health clinic and supply water to a proposed milk collection centre (a future ChildFund project).

The improved access to clean water will ultimately reduce the amount of time spent travelling to collect water, giving children more time for their studies. It will also help to improve the availability of water for agriculture and livestock.

Thanks to the continued support of our donors, we’re making a difference in some of the most poverty-affected regions in Kenya, and throughout the world.

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