In June 2012, we asked for urgent help to protect babies and toddlers in Cao Bang province, Vietnam, from the threat of malnutrition.


One year after ChildFund Ambassador and actress Danielle Cormack visited 3 year old Danh, his brother Bao and his parents, ChildFund staff return to the family to find out how they’re going and report the good news that Bao’s health has improved dramatically. He is now no longer malnourished and a healthy weight!

Mum Kim says: ‘Bao is breast fed until now and he does not get ill much’.


She let us know that her boys benefitted from the food and milk provided thanks to Kiwi help:
Often the village health worker would inform me the date when I can come to the local
commune health centre to collect the supplementary sprinkles and milk for my two babies.
They have one 110ml cup per day and enjoy the milk very much.’

Thanks to the generous gifts from caring Kiwis and the hard work of local health centre staff, families like Danh and Bao's in Cao Bang received food supplements, including:


391 malnourished children under 5 received fresh milk, multi-vitamin and multi-mineral sprinkles, and calcium-rich biscuits every day 

108 pregnant women provided with Iron and Folic Acid tablets

Children at risk of malnutrition (those with no weight gain in past 2 health checks) provided with multi-vitamin and multi-mineral sprinkles, and calcium-rich biscuits


Generous gifts also made it possible for the ChildFund team to work closely with the community, to equip them with the knowledge and skills needed to better care for their children.  These activities included:


• Set up of Health Educator groups for each commune
Training for the Health Educators on basic knowledge of child health and common diseases
• Training local Health Educator groups on communication skills and how to run information sessions for local communities
• Training sessions on child care for caregivers, including: taking care of children who have a cough or diarrhoea, caring for malnourished children and how to detect and prevent the risks that may harm their children at home
Providing scales and measurement tools, such as growth monitoring charts, for local health centres
• Regular general health checks for 891 children under the age of five. Local health workers monitor the children’s weight and height and report back the results to the ChildFund team every quarter


Families and local health care workers now have the knowledge needed to help prevent malnutrition in their children.  And this means generous gifts from caring Kiwis will continue to benefit the community!


To find out more about ChildFund's work in Vietnam, please visit the Vietnam country page, or Sponsor a Child from Vietnam.

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