In Kavalamanja, Zambia, there's one health centre to service the 1,800 people that live in the region. 

The health centre is very basic. Until recently there was no running water. This meant that in some situations, pregnant mums would have to bring their own water with them, when they arrived to give birth. As if giving birth wasn't stressful enough!

Thankfully, Kiwi donations have helped to build a brand new, 250 litre water purification tank for the health centre. This means that healthcare professionals now have access to clean water to use to help care for their patients. The clean water is helping to keep families healthy and safe from harm. 

On behalf of the children and families in Kavalamanja and communities all over the world, thank you for showing you care! 

Clean water for Zambia

Kiwi donations have funded a water purification tank for a health centre in Zambia. Now, healthcare staff have clean water to help care for their patients with.

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