ChildFund is working in Cao Bang, Vietnam to help farmers get the most out of their land and crops.  This project will help ensure that farmers can provide enough food for their families throughout the year.

Thi, a 20 year old from Cao Bang in Vietnam, is trying new farming techniques on her family’s land.  She is one of the many young farmers who are benefiting from a ChildFund project to improve the productivity of farms in the area.

“There are 6 people in my family. Our life is very hard as we only have enough food to eat and must afford for my siblings to go to school. In the past, farmers like me did not know about transplanting rice seedlings into rows. Everyone used the local rice variety, which had low productivity,” explains Thi.

“This year the project came to teach us how to grow rice with an effective model. Chickens have also helped increase my family income and our life is improving.”

The project has increased expertise inside the community by training local farmers in modern farming techniques, and then teaching them how to pass on their knowledge to other farmers.  This has proved to be a big success in Cao Bang, where farmers who have taken part have increased the size of their maize harvest by about 50% and their rice harvest by 40%.

These positive results have given even more farmers the confidence to try the new growing methods.

The construction of an irrigation canal also means that families can grow two crops per year rather than one, ensuring that they can provide sufficient food for their children throughout the year. Previously, the dry season meant that crops could not be watered, and farmers would have to leave their families to undertake casual labour in order to afford food.  Now farmers in Cao Bang can stay on their lands and grow another crop.

ChildFund is working to help children and families in Vietnam tackle malnutrition and hunger.  Please donate now to help 150 toddlers in urgent need of care.  Or visit our website and Sponsor a child now.

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