Working in our finance department Doris sees how much sponsors care and how much ChildFund changes lives.

Making a difference

By Doris Dong, Finance Assistant

ChildFund is just like a bridge that links angels – our generous sponsors and needy children and communities who live in poverty.

I originally come from China and what a coincidence that ChildFund also originally started work in China. I have worked at ChildFund New Zealand for more than 4 years. During this period I have given my best to ChildFund and also received lot of happiness in doing what we do. I love this place and especially what ChildFund is doing on a daily basis. When my friends and family from China ask me what I am doing in New Zealand, I can proudly tell them about the great things that ChildFund does.

Since I started working at ChildFund, I have realised how rich and lucky I am. I do not complain too much in normal life, I feel I have everything I need because of so many children all over the world who are having a very hard life. They don’t have enough clean water to drink; not enough food to eat; no proper clothes, shoes to wear; no school for school aged children; no proper treatment for those who are sick…

It is amazing to understand how much a sponsor offers sponsored children. They sponsor a child or children for years; they send the cards or money for their sponsored children on their birthdays or for Christmas; they write to their children and tell them some exciting news that happened recently. I can see those sponsors, that they really take their sponsored children as part of their family, they call them “my child in Zambia, my child in Kenya…” they want the child to share the things happening in their family. The sponsors not only pass just a letter or card but also the love, the care, the smile and the happiness to those children.

ChildFund, not only has been delivering positive change to both sponsors and needy children for 21 years, but has also been changing the people who know ChildFund or work for ChildFund, like me, to be thankful for the life given to me and to want to be positive, to do better helping those who are in greater need.

ChildFund is changing… the world!

Happy birthday, ChildFund New Zealand!

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