Last year caring Kiwi’s donated to help provide cows to families in Vietnam. Their generous gift has been put to work helping children, youth and hardworking mums and dads break the cycle of poverty in Cao Bang.


Like so many families in Cao Bang, Vietnam, three year old Anh's family were struggling to survive on less than $1 a day. Daily life is a struggle for Anh's family who spend two months of each year hungry due to the gap between harvests.


Our supporters understood the danger of hunger, and they did something amazingly kind. They helped loan Anh's family a cow.

Anh's family was loaned a pregnant cow, the cow gave birth to a male calf which Anh's family will raise. They will keep the mother cow for two years and then it'll be loaned to another family in need.


The cow is helping to reduce hunger by producing milk, generating income and by providing fertilizer for the fields. This means children like Anh will not go hungry and have nourishing food all year round.


When asked if she likes their cows, three year old Anh said "Yes, I do!". Anh loves watching her grandmother take care of the the cows, and her father as he collects grass for them to eat.


Anh's father Hai said, "I hope that I can provide all necessary conditions to my children to be healthy and study well."


The cows from the cowbank will continue to be loaned and will support many more families like Anh's in the years to come.

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