ChildFund New Zealand’s Change Creators have supported a project in Vietnam to provide parents with the skills and resources that will allow them to grow healthy, happy and educated children. This includes initiatives to grow family livelihoods and improve food sources.


The kindness and commitment of our Change Creators is life-changing for children and their families in Vietnam! See what their awesome effort has achieved below:

Because of our caring Change Creators, families have received agricultural training on growing crops and animal raising. Furthermore, 72 households have received training in potato growing. This is an innovative crop that utilizes unused land that will contribute to income generation for families. ChildFund’s partner, the Vegetable and Fruit Institute, provided training to farmers and on-site technical support, and will purchase the potatoes grown to on-sell to a commercial buyer.

Families have also received training on ginger plantation, a new livelihood for local people initiated by ChildFund. The advantages of growing ginger include:


Suitable with the local soil and climate conditions
Farmers only have to buy seedlings for their first crop. From second crop onwards, they can use some of the harvested ginger as seedlings for the next crop
Ginger is in high demand. They can sell at 9,000 to 12,000 VND per kilogram depending on market demand.

Families now have income security through the skills and resources gained from caring Kiwis! Thank you, Change Creators.

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