For many children who have to walk several kilometres to school each day, a bicycle can be a key ingredient for success.  Thanks to Gifts that Grow purchases of bicycles, children like Kumar can make it to school each day.

12 year old Kumar lives in a remote area of the Batticaloa district in Sri Lanka - an area recovering from a 30 year war.  He attends school in a town 10 km away from his house and has to walk there each day.

On some days, he stays home because it's simply too far and too hard to walk there. In this dry, hot region, even a short walk down the dusty roads in temperatures of  42 degrees can be very tiresome. 

This year Kumar was one of the many children who received a bicycle from a Gifts that Grow purchase. Now, instead of walking for two hours to get to school, he can ride his bike there in a quarter of the time.

Kumar doesn’t feel as tired when he returns home from school and spends that extra time studying. Not only does he enjoy going to school on his new bicycle, he can also help his father and mother with their errands. He can even spend more time playing with friends.

Now Kumar can focus on what really matters - his family and his future.

If you would like to buy a bicycle for a child like Kumar, order one online now.  Or browse our full catalogue for gifts that will help families in need. 

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