For all you kids who still haven’t bought your dad a Father’s Day present –never fear, wrap a bow around yourself because Kiwi dads have said all they want this Father’s Day is you! 


An informal survey conducted by ChildFund New Zealand has revealed that Kiwi dads, although masked by a ‘tough guy’ exterior, are actually big softies with the simplest of wants.


The ChildFund New Zealand survey gave dads the chance to tick the boxes themselves and uncover what makes Father’s Day truly special to them and what they really want from their kids this Sunday.


It seems it’s not about the material things for our Kiwi dads and despite assumptions, new tools, electronics or tickets to a sports game did not even make the list of top gifts.  It couldn’t get any simpler, with spending time with the family (without the kids bickering), homemade gifts and a meal around the table being all our dads really want.


The survey also revealed what lots of us probably already know, that the presents we get our dads often don’t get used. Many dads admitted to leaving it ‘in the drawer unused and well and truly expired’, while an ugly keyring made at kindergarten is still treasured and showcased to this day.


So in a nutshell, nothing is cheaper and easier than spending time with Dad and there is also nothing they would like more this Sunday. If you want to buy something for him that really means something, and will have a long lasting effect pick something personal that acknowledges your relationship with him. ChildFund Gifts that Grow are perfect.


There are a variety of gifts on offer that will remind you of special times with Dad and will make a real difference for a family in the developing world by providing food, income and security.


Gifts that Grow ideas for Dad:

    • Three little pigs (for the dad famous for bed time stories)
    • Fruit trees or vegetable seeds (for the dad that is always in the garden)
    • Sports gear (for the dad that taught you how to catch and was a sideline supporter for all your sports games)
    • Shoes and socks (for the dad that taught you how to tie your laces)
    • Bicycle (for the dad that taught you how to ride one)



Follow the link to pick a personal gift for your dad. All gifts come with a gift certificate that can be printed immediately so it’s the perfect last minute option ChildFund Gifts that Grow catalogue.

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