In 2012 ChildFund Ambassador, child sponsor and award-winning actress Danielle Cormack traveled to northern Vietnam to help raise awareness of the plight of children and families in remote villages struggling with poverty and severe malnutrition. Danielle has a personal message for anyone considering the ChildFund Challenge Trek Vietnam.

By Danielle Cormack, ChildFund Ambassador

Visiting Cao Bang in Vietnam with ChildFund was eye-opening for me, as it will be for you.

I had the opportunity to meet with many families within the communities there, and discovered a resilience and strength in the people that I had not encountered before.

I was particularly touched by one family we visited whose living conditions were incredibly harsh compared to how we live here in New Zealand. There was no toilet, barely any water, conditions were invariably unsanitary, with not a single comfort anywhere. Yet there were two children under three, another child, and two grandmothers, all having to survive like this and they still had a courage that defied what they were living through.

In Vietnam I witnessed first-hand how when they face great adversity, they come together as a community. People were helping each other, they’d go to work on their neighbour’s farm, they’d support each other. It’s how they survive, and there was a great sense of sharing, rather than competing.

We’re all part of the global community, so let’s all come together and act to help others.

Through ChildFund I know I have made a difference. So join me…. Take the ChildFund Challenge, Trek Vietnam and you can make a difference too!

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