Continuing our series from staff, today’s post is from Sponsors Services Team member Tutsi Chadoka.

It’s interesting to speak to different people every day. Those who hear my accent and wonder which part of the world I’m from. Or want to know more about me – that’s when I know my conversation has been made easy with the supporter.

A conversation between friends

Then there are those who are too busy to talk no matter how lovely I sound. But the goodness in all this is that it’s just a conversation. I can only imagine from their tone of voices how sweet, sour, interesting, lovely, gracious, flirting, demanding, enthusiastic, happy, jovial, or cheeky they are – I can only comment from what they portray…

But now I’ve also enjoyed imitating accents Indian, Asian, South African, Nigerian, and British-cockney. And I think some accents sound naughty, happy, demanding, or comical. That’s when I say to myself, “God you are hilarious how did you create all sorts of people in the world with all sorts of lyrics in their language.”

Ever since I came to ChildFund, I’ve been given all sorts of names no matter how much I try to be clear and pronounce my name as TUTSI I’ve now got 16 names given by supporters: TWISTY! (Everyone’s favourite here at ChildFund), Susan, Kelly, Pepsy, Kristen, Christine, Lulu, Petsi, Titsi, Tipsy, Trudy, Betsy, Tootsie (which has now become my email address), Tsungi, Kootsy…. Others even ask me if it’s my real name or nickname.

I’ll leave you all to guess where I’m from…

Happy birthday to all our ChildFund New Zealand supporters!

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