For the 650 students of Chiriwe primary school in Zambia, life was turned upside-down in November last year, when extreme weather ravaged the community, causing severe damage to classrooms and teachers accommodation. 

The damage done to the roof by the severe wind meant that the only option teachers were left with was to teach outside in the blazing heat. This meant that children were not engaging with their studies.

Thankfully, the response to this emergency has been fast – because of your support! Your regular donations have enabled reconstruction work to begin quickly, restoring Chiriwe school to its former self.

Now, the students are thriving - it has been ranked the number one school in the district!

Thank you for ensuring that no children in Chiriwe have to miss out on their education.

If you'd like to make sure children are provided with quality education now and in the future, please consider giving a monthly donation.

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