As Kiwis we’re renowned for caring for the needs of others. According to the World Giving Index, which provides insight into the scope and nature of giving around the world, New Zealand is ranked at no.12 when it comes to donating money. This ranking is not based on how much we give, but on our giving behaviours as a nation. It’s sad to think that there are a billion children living in poverty worldwide, but at ChildFund we are extremely thankful for you our sponsors who are helping to change the lives of many, one child at a time. At ChildFund New Zealand we continue to look for sponsors for children in countries which include Kenya, Vietnam, Zambia, Sri Lanka and Timor Leste who lack the basics in life.

 What are the basics that these children lack?

  • Clean Water – Ever been without clean water for only a day? Sounds unimaginable right? Yet this is the daily reality which many children in developing countries face.  The quality of water will always be linked to the quality of our lives. Our bodies are made up of nearly 70 percent water. Without access to clean water, these kids fall prey to a number of illnesses and diseases which could have been prevented. By providing clean water, drilling wells, improving sanitation and teaching these precious children about proper hygiene we’ve already seen the positive dramatic changes it has brought to many communities that we are actively involved in.
  • Nourishing Food – Nourishing food is essential to every growing child. Apart from causing illnesses and sometimes death, undernourishment in children’s early years has long term repercussions  for growth and development. At ChildFund we ensure that the money you donate is used to empower the poor. Your donations are not just used to meet the needs of these kids, but also for providing families with the necessary tools and knowledge to reap their own harvests, such as seeds for planting to rural families. This in turn allows families to put food on their own tables.
  • Healthcare – Access to efficient and reliable healthcare is still not a reality for many children. It goes without saying that a lack creates a vast number of health-related issues. Even in areas where medical clinics exist, the demand for on-going medical supplies remains a challenge for many of those living in underprivileged countries.Healthcare is an unavoidable basic need and a human right.

 Giving has always been an issue which concerns the heart and no donation you make irrespective of size is ever wasted. In fact 80 percent of your Child Sponsorship donation is sent overseas. Seeing the smile on the face of a child because they’re strong, happy and healthy is without a doubt priceless! Why not sponsor a child today by clicking on one of our “sponsor now” buttons on our website and then posting this article on your Facebook page, Twitter or even just sending it by email to your family and friends. Your gift is fully tax rebatable, but most of all, by a giving a generous monthly gift you can change the lives of these children forever!




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