23 May 2017

Farming success following Luangwa's drought

Read how families' lives have changed thanks to your support over the last three years!

Moffat, a farmer, lives in Chitope in North Luangwa, Zambia.  Moffat and his family's lives have transformed since the new dam in the area has been completed and has helped to combat the effects of drought.  

Moffat and his wife have three children, Ana, 11, Prudence, 7 and Bertha, aged 2. Before the dam was built in their community, the drought severely affected Moffat's ability to farm. Not only was sustainable income difficult to come by, food security was highly uncertain, often meaning there was hardly enough food to feed the family of five.

After the rehabilitation of the dam, which has been funded by generous kiwis, Moffat acquired a quarter hectare of land in which he has been able to grow tomatoes, onion, cabbage and eggplant. Now, Moffat is able to sell the vegetables he grows to a large market within the community, including to the local schools. 

Thanks to ongoing support from New Zealanders over the past three years, Moffat and his family no longer have to worry about where their next meal will come from and can look forward to a happy, healthy future. The income Moffat makes from selling the excess vegetables means he can afford to support his children through school and with healthcare. Thank you for making this happen for Moffat's family - and many others in Luangwa!

Find out how to ensure that no child has to go hungry in the future.

Farming success following Luangwa's drought

Three years of support from kind kiwis have led to farmers producing fresh, nutritious vegetables in Luangwa!

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