Make a difference to a child’s life, and their family when you give dad a Fathers Day Gifts That Grow from ChildFund.

The Gift that Grows is the perfect Fathers Day present. When your Dad has everything he needs, give him something that will make a difference to someone else’s world. You and dad can pay it forward and help make the world that tiny bit better. These seemingly small gifts add up to create a big difference to the lives of the many people who receive them. Not only do they enrich the lives of the individuals who receive them, but they also help to build their communities and make you feel good.

Solving the Problem of Helping

ChildFund has been around long enough to see the positive results of charity work, and also the unexpected problems that well-meaning gifts of supplies brought in from overseas creates for a local economy. The help that comes in the form of food, water and other supplies is always welcome, but it can be very disruptive in other ways. Especially when smaller local food businesses can fail because overseas supplies are so readily available. You might ask, why is that so bad? Typically, a local chicken farmer cannot compete with a container of free food.

As a way of helping to solve this problem, ChildFund has created Gifts That Grow to support local communities in a constructive way.

What are Gifts That Grow?

ChildFund have created a new way to support to communities in need. A way that all New Zealanders can get involved with in a fun and memorable way. Gifts That Grow are amazing. You get to choose something from our ChildFund Gifts That Grow catalogue that will benefit a community in a very real way. Things that help to keep a child healthy like a mosquito net, or mattress and blanket, or something that will grow and feed the family for a long time. Gifts That Grow are gifts that will last.

How about buying a real goat when you buy that copy of Goat Simulator from the AppStore. Something like a real goat can make a real difference. Moreover, you will not have to look after it. If you do not like goats, how about three ducks, a rabbit, two chickens, a pig, or a water buffalo! How cool is that!

Jump over to our ChildFund Gifts That Grow catalogue to see the excellent range of stuff that you can buy for other kids who do not have as much as you. You and Dad can make a difference to another child’s life. Make your Fathers Day present different, and very special. No more boring socks, no more novelty undies. So when your teacher asks you on Monday what you got your dad for Fathers Day, you can say “I got him a goat”. Or chicken, or pig, or water buffalo.

Make a difference to a child’s life, and their family when you give your dad a Fathers Day Gifts That Grow from ChildFund.








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