02 August 2017

Food Aid For East Africa

Kiwi donations are helping to feed thousands of children in East Africa.

This year thousands of children in East Africa faced famine and starvation. The size and scale of the emergency was, and still is, enormous – with the UN describing it as the worst humanitarian crisis they’ve ever seen.

The situation was devastating with war tearing apart communities, famine desolating food sources and drought and climate change cutting off already limited water supplies.

We responded with an emergency appeal, and so many generous Kiwis quickly donated to the crisis. We cannot thank you enough.

Kiwi donations are providing food aid

Your donations have gone towards providing life-saving aid for children and families in East Africa. Thanks to your generosity, ChildFund Kenya has been able to provide food to 6723 acutely malnourished children under five years old.

Food was also provided for 3,903 new mums and pregnant women to help them and their babies stay healthy. The food was given through out-patient feeding programmes in 74 health facilities and outreach centres.

We also helped transport supplementary feeding supplies from the World Food Program to health facilities, so they could distribute it.

Food for Early Childhood Development centres

Your donations went towards distributing food like maize, beans and vegetable oil to 28 Early Childhood Development (ECD) centres. This food helped feed 5,127 hungry children. While local partners were able to deliver 10,000 litres of water to children at four ECD centres.

Finally, through an on-going project called Food for Assets, 311.726MT of food aid, containing things like cereals and pulses, was distributed to 5,500 households. This aid benefited 33,000 people.

Thank you

We’re so grateful for your donations that are helping to make such a difference to children and families in their greatest time of need.

Unfortunately the food crisis in East Africa continues and our emergency appeal must continue

Food Aid For East Africa

With East Africa in the midst of drought and famine, Kiwi donations are helping to provide life-saving aid.

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