ChildFund Alliance Deputy Secretary General Andrew Johnson is encouraging New Zealanders to join ChildFund’s global campaign to ensure preventing violence and exploitation of children is on the post-2015 agenda for world governments.

In a study of children’s views on violence and exploitation, ChildFund Alliance conducted over 50 focus groups with children in 41 countries involving over 1300 individual children so that their voices can be heard as part of the post-2015 agenda. The report highlights the level and types of extreme violence perpetrated against children and solutions put forward by children themselves.


 “Children have made it clear that we should not miss this once-in-a-generation opportunity to make them free from violence and exploitation” said Mr Johnson.


New Zealanders can sign a petition online at the Free from Violence campaign website to let Governments and United Nations know their priority is a world where children are free from violence and exploitation.


People can also get involved by downloading a smartphone app using the latest augmented reality technology and sign a petition adding their voice to the children’s. Reflecting the fact that violence against children happens in all corners of the globe, by turning around 360 degrees, smartphone users can see shadow animations of children in several violent or exploitative situations. The viewer can then interact and take action to change that situation to a positive one by becoming part of “the butterfly effect.”


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“Although the size and scale of the problem is enormous - solutions are possible - and we must make a start by listening to children as our study highlighted,” said Mr Johnson.


“Children articulated that we all must play our role in freeing them from violence - this global campaign highlights that individuals only have to take one small action to generate change.”


For more information on the ChildFund report you can read the news release here or download the executive summary.


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