In April 2012, the situation in Emali was dire. On the road from Nairobi to Mombasa, Emali always had water issues. So much so, there was no way families living here could possibly hope to recover after the Horn of Africa Drought.

When ChildFund staff first interviewed Krystal, her village had no water. Even in the rainy season she and her mother would walk two hours to a filthy water source and two hours back. The rest of the year they’d trek further, returning home exhausted after dark.

Now, thanks to gifts from generous Kiwis, Emali now has two sand dams, two boreholes and a shallow well to bring clean, safe drinking water to thousands of people and livestock in the region.

In fact, 5,610 people and 36,000 livestock now have access to safe, clean water.

When ChildFund staff interviewed Krystal in August 2013, life in her village had totally changed. Now, with clean water 20 minutes away, little Krystal and others will have time to attend school. And because of that education, they will be better able to provide for their own children in the future.

The new water sources in Emali will go on to benefit tens of thousands of people and the animals they rely on, produce hundreds of acres of crops and see families working and earning, rather than walking in search of water.

Plus, this clean water will also benefit all the babies, goats, cows, pigs, sheep and chickens born in this region for generations to come. That’s how long these safe water sources will last.

BEFORE, There were:

• Inadequate water resources
• Children under 5 dying from water borne illnesses
• Women walking up to four hours to and from the river
• Girls missing school to help mothers collect water from distant sources
• Livestock prone to disease and weight loss due to lack of water
• No water for washing, cleaning or growing crops
• Boys missing school to take livestock far in search of water.

NOW, Thanks to kind Kiwis:

• 5 new water systems established for over 5,000 children and loved ones
• Waterborne diseases no longer a threat
• It now takes between 7 and 20 minutes for women to collect water
• Girls attend school and mums have more time to earn an income at home
• Livestock breeding well and improving milk production for families
• New areas opened up for planting vegetables, especially near sand dams
• Boys attending and staying longer in school.

You can help give the gift of Clean Water for a child through Gifts that Grow.  Or for more information about how Kiwis are changing lives in Emali, please visit the Kenya country page.  Or, if you'd like to help change a child's life, Sponsor a Child from Kenya.

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