Continuing our 21st birthday celebrations this month, a very personal post from the head of our face-to-face fundraising team.

By Gordon Birrell, Sponsor Acquisition Manager

I do not recall the exact time I heard the phrase expressed at one of our meetings “Every child has the potential to grow into a wonderful human being.”

Yet it is a phrase that has remained foremost in my thoughts when I think of ChildFund, in the words “every child has the potential”.

Is that not something incredibly special that this should be possible? Yet when we look at the world today we know there are those who do not reach that potential.

Yet what makes ChildFund eclipse so many is that with all its efforts in enriching the lives of so many children, families and communities by transporting them towards their potential of being wonderful, that now turning 21 years of age in New Zealand with the key to the door there remains no cap, no restriction on the growth of ChildFund’s potential just room for ChildFund to grow, and perfect the work that ChildFund does.

In my personal opinion however the measure of the community is not just about sustainability as seen by the wider world, but how well it also cares for minority groups, the very young, the elderly, the infirm, the vulnerable, people with different beliefs, etc.

I allocate a little of my time to the elderly in Auckland Hospital and here many people are in their 80s and 90s, some of whom will never come out. I sit with them and listen to the stories they tell and many of them are great stories of humour, adventure, love and sadness. Yet when I look around I see no get well cards, no flowers, no chocolates or fruit and no or few visitors. Lives that were fulfilled now just left because of excuses – it’s too far to go, the Wilson car park is too expensive, too busy, etc. This is someone’s mother/father/grandparent – this is the western world, civilisation as we call it! It is not just about facilities, but about attitude.

Happy 21st Birthday ChildFund New Zealand! Keep changing those attitudes and unfolding that great potential to be wonderful.

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