Veggie seeds to Kenya, nutrition training in Vietnam and chickens to Zambia are some of the things you have generously helped to give to others.

Veggie seeds to Kenya

Ken’s father Benard received tomato, capsicum and kale seeds, tools and training.

"The training by ChildFund on improved farming practices has improved our vegetable production and increased our income. Using the improved farming methods and applying/spraying the right chemicals at the right time will increase the yield and income. Therefore, I will be able to pay for my children’s education.”

Nutrition training in Vietnam

Minh attended a Gifts that Grow funded training course in child nutrition.

“When ChildFund’s health project started, Dao was about ten months old. He was so pale with skinny legs and arms. He didn’t want to eat however I tried. Thanks to the project, I learnt how to supplement vitamins through food as well as how to treat child diarrhoea, coughing and fever. With everything I learnt I believe that I can bring up my son to become a healthy man.”

Chickens to Zambia

Betty and her mother Mary received four chickens through Gifts that Grow in 2012. Since then their flock has grown, brought in regular income, and helped them to buy and begin raising goats too.

“I was blessed to receive four chickens from ChildFund. In the past, most of my income came from doing piece work in other people’s fields and households, but now I can sell chickens when I need money for other food items and also for meeting my children’s school requirements. I also managed to buy three goats from the income we made from those first four chickens.” said Mary.

Thank you for supporting Gifts that Grow.

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