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One of the most overlooked aspects of modern life is the incredible access to clean water and healthy food. We have supermarkets and delivery services, high tech infrastructure that allows us to live a much easier life. Unfortunately this is not the case for many children around the world, who struggle daily to find enough food to keep going and avoid malnutrition. Finding water in the developing world is a huge ask, mainly due to the resources required, leaving many drinking from unsafe,available sources just to make ends meet.This of course ends with illness and disease, and in some cases even death.

You can make a difference though.If you sponsor a child, you help us provide relief to the communities who need it most.By working with local leaders, international aid groups and governments,we’re able to build the infrastructure needed to provide clean water, as well as provide education and tools to increase the output of local farmers.Access to these basic necessities can change the future of an entire community,all through a simple monthly donation.

 The problem with food and water supplies in the developing world

Alongside education and healthcare,finding safe sources for food and water is extremely tough. Trying to provide for a family is hard enough in a developing nation,but competing with drought, flooding,fires and other hostile environmental conditions makes it much tougher.Finding a safe water source is also hard, thanks mainly due to the required hardware to drill into the reservoirs. The other option is using surface water that is often subject to river contamination caused by animals,parasites and sewage from inefficient sanitation infrastructure.

The illnesses and diseases that accompany this poor lifestyle are just as horrifying.80% of illnesses experienced in the developing world are directly linked to unsafe water and a lack of sanitation,which in turn is sadly responsible for 1 in 5 deaths of children under the age of 5.

Make a difference, sponsor a child

Through sponsorship,we are able to work with communities to help turn these statistics around.By providing education and training for farmers, clean water initiatives and building wells,we can save thousands of lives each year.These seemingly little changes actually have more of an impact than you might expect.By building this infrastructure and avoiding these illnesses and death, community health increases, reducing the chance of a child losing their parent to a water or sanitation related disease.

Combined with our health and education initiatives, we are able to provide everything a community needs to become independent.This leads to significant economic development, which in turn affects the surrounding communities and eventually creates a flow on effect. All thanks to everyday Kiwis like yourselves who donate less than $2 a day to these deserving families around the world. Make a difference today and sponsor a child!

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