Last year generous Kiwis bought 435 goats from ChildFund's Gifts that Grow catalogue, and two-each were given to families in need in Zambia.  David is a struggling farmer whose fortunes have changed after receiving the gift of goats last year.

His gift included training in small livestock management as well as special training in organic Manure Tea farming, which involves collecting goat manure, tying it up in a 50 kg bag, and dipping it in a 210 litre water drum for 2 weeks. The resulting ‘Manure Tea’ is then diluted and used as fertiliser!

This practice has proved effective to those who have used it before, and David is sure it will benefit him too during the 2012/2013 farming season.  

I am very grateful to ChildFund,” says David. "This knowledge in organic farming will considerably reduce my farming expenses because I will not on entirely rely on inorganic fertilizers that are very expensive and contribute to soil degradation. I am now in a position to make my own manure using a simple methodology known as – Tea Manure.” 

Not only will the goats provide fertiliser and help reduce farmers' costs, they will provide families with nutritious milk and meat, and the opportunity to earn an income.

‘‘Life is very difficult for me and my six grandchildren here in Kavalamanja," says Miriam, another community member who received goats last year. "But now I can see a better future for my grandchildren who are all orphans. When my goats multiply, I will afford to send them to school and they will also benefit from the rich goat milk. This is because I will own a lot of goats within the next two years.” 

The gift of a goat means parents like David and Miriam have a secure income for their family.  If you'd like to give a family a life-changing gift, please explore our Gifts that Grow catalogue.

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