For Kyra, working at ChildFund meant discovering something important.

Part of something amazing

By Kyra Hiku, Sponsor Services

Hari huri Tau,
Happy 21st Birthday to ChildFund New Zealand.

Although I have only been here for the past four months, it seems and feels like much longer. The people here are so giving of themselves. Putting in the long hours and going out of their way to make things happen. It gives meaning to going that “extra mile”.

As a member of the Sponsor Services Team, I have the privilege of talking to sponsors on a day-to-day basis: connecting everyday people with children, and creating relationships between both.

One sponsor I’ve had the pleasure of speaking to is a single mother with three of her own children, living on one income who also knows what struggling each week is like. She told me that her main reason for sponsoring was that she struggles and finds it hard, and she cannot imagine what it must be like for a child and family living in a developing country. I thought to myself, what a wonderful way of looking at it.

When your down and out, there is always someone else out there that is far worse off then you. I can NOW say that I know there is.

Before coming to ChildFund, never in my wildest dreams would I have thought of giving money to another family whom I never knew, or talking to friends and family about sponsoring a child. But having worked with such amazing people here at ChildFund has encouraged me to speak out and show how proud I am to be part of this organisation.

Happy 21st Birthday ChildFund and many more celebrations to come!

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