Cass fills us in on Day 2 of her Live Below the Line experience…

Two days down. This challenge is harder than I expected. It’s not just that I am hungry (although I am). It’s that I don’t feel satisfied because I am not able to consume the range of nutrients and flavours I’m used to.

My daily diet consists of a small bowl of rice and black beans for breakfast, a bowl of creamed vegetable and chickpea soup for lunch, another (larger) bowl of rice and beans for dinner, and two kiwifruit and one apple for snacks.

Rice is a staple for many families

It’s enough food. It’s just not much fun.

Also, I don’t feel too great. The best way to describe it is “wonky” – faint headache, tired, fluffy head. I thought I was coming down with something but after speaking to two other friends taking the Live Below the Line challenge I think it’s due to the reduced caloric intake. I usually eat a lot more sugar, fat, and processed carbs 🙂

Yesterday I had to go to the supermarket to buy a non-food item. It was like torture – all that food just sitting there and I couldn’t eat any of it. It really made me think what it must be like for those people in our own society who are barely scraping through – it must be so hard to see decadence in all directions and yet not be able to participate. I think about how how casually I pop to the supermarket on my every whim. I really am very lucky.

Two days down, three to go. I’ll keep you posted…

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