12 November 2019

Hear us roar: voices of children and youth worldwide

To recognise the 30th Anniversary of the UNCRC, we asked sponsored children to share their voices

Children and young people matter most to us at ChildFund New Zealand and, to mark the 30th anniversary of the United Nations’ Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC) on 20 November, we asked children and young people from our dedicated communities to tell us what matters most to them.

Each child identified one item from the UNCRC that applied to their lives, and created a work of art to share with supporters like you. 

Here's what they had to say...

Nilakshika, 13, Sri Lanka


“In my picture, I show the sad faces of the children who are abused. Sometimes people think that because we are small, they can force us to do anything or that they can neglect or hit us and it doesn’t matter. But we also have rights and people must recognize this."

Christius, 12, Zambia


Drawing of the ChildFund-supported medical clinic

“Adults should protect their children from bad things, to help them grow well and to not be injured or die. They should also take them to the clinic for injections that protect them from sickness.”

Tung, 10, Vietnam


A group of children playing football

“Children with disabilities should have the right to make friends, to play and to participate in sport activities. In my school there are students with disabilities and some students exclude them. Children with disabilities face many difficulties.”

Cosmas, 15, Zambia


Picture of Cosmas with a toy car made of soil/clay 

 “A lot of us in this community identify with this because this is what we do as we are growing up. We dig for clay soil and make toys cars, radios etc.”

Chi, 10, Vietnam


“Everyone should have the right to an education, I hope that I will finish secondary school then go to high school and on to the highest level of education."

Kirusanthi, 19, Sri Lanka


“I’m looking for protection for life, for survival and for development. In my picture I show children living in a clean and safe environment. If our environment is protected from disasters and epidemics, people can survive and can develop."

Astridah, 14, Zambia


“My drawing is a solar-powered borehole, it is important to me as it provides clean water to my family and the people in my village.”

Thang, 10, Vietnam


"In my drawing, a father is about to beat his son. There is also the boy's grandmother, stopping the father. I saw this when a friend of mine was beaten by his father. I draw this to remind fathers that they should not beat children, they should love them more."

Sujantha, 12, Sri Lanka


"I chose to draw children playing at school. For female children, we have less opportunity and no access to recreation, due to cultural barriers. When we can have fun together, it is easier to study and also we can learn to be like a team and can build relationships with each other through sport."

About the UNCRC

The United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC) is the key worldwide document in protecting children’s rights including on non-discrimination of children along with protecting child interests and their rights to be heard. Each year, the 20th of November is globally recognised as Universal Children’s Day, and it commemorates the UNCRC.

About ChildFund New Zealand

We dream of a world free from violence, where all children have a voice and the ability to achieve their full potential. For more than 80 years, ChildFund has been helping children and youth to thrive. Learn more at www.childfund.org.nz.

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