Yehen, five years old, plays enthusiastically with a friend in a ‘shop’ in his garden. Yehen’s shop was constructed by his father following a training programme given by ChildFund on the importance of playing materials for young children. Yehen has a brand new swing, a climbing rope with coconuts for footholds and a ladder in a tree – all made by his proud father. 

The parents also learn how to make nutritious meals for children, and have helped to set up gardens in preschools, which are tended by the children. The body mass index (BMI) of the children is tracked monthly in the preschools and is increasing before their parent’s eyes. One of the mothers said, ‘Through this programme, we have learned so much about the importance of early years learning, play and nutrition.’ 

Yehen and his friends are happy, healthy kids supported by committed and loving parents. With some support from ChildFund they are working together to ensure a strong start in their children’s lives.

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