07 August 2017

Helping children stay in education

​Donations from kind Kiwis are helping children in Kenya continue studying.

Your generous donations have supported 79 bright students in Kenya with a bursary so they’re able to attend secondary school and continue their education. Without the bursary, the children wouldn’t have been able to attend secondary school, so this is helping to change their futures.

Children were asked to apply for the bursary, and the criteria used for assessment ensured that the bursaries were given to the most deserving children. A vulnerability assessment helped to determine this. The children were also asked to submit their exam reports, certified by head teachers. We worked with leaders in communities who knew the students locally, and could recommend the students most in need of help. 

A bursary committee then vetted the applications and recommended the amount each application that met the required criteria should receive. Once the decision was made, successful applications were then able to collect their bursary cheques.

The main aim of the bursary allocation is to increase school retention. Without the bursaries – the students would be sent home because they’re unable to pay school fees. Thanks to the funding, the children are able to properly focus on their studies too, improving their performance. 

Helping children stay in education

Donations from kind Kiwis are helping children in Kenya continue studying.

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