10 June 2019

Helping the youngest children learn in Batticaloa, Sri Lanka

With the help of one of our donors, young children are developing cognitive-learning skills

Child development experts agree: play has a very important role in the learning and emotional development of children. It provides hands-on experience with letters, shapes, colors, numbers, sizes, animals, birds, flowers, trees, etc. Play is also multifaceted and can be used as an enjoyable learning tool. Functional play helps children to develop and practice their skills.

At ChildFund New Zealand, we understand the value of play in early childhood learning. Through the use of child-friendly materials, we are helping children develop their learning abilities by utilising different parts of their brain, and stimulating different behaviors, such as touch and feel, body movements (moving their fingers and toes, etc.). All of these exercises help stimulate the brain, which helps in the development of their mental growth.     

The early childhood development (ECD) centres supported by ChildFund in Batticaloa, Sri Lanka, focus on such activities by providing age-appropriate, high-quality teaching and learning materials that are suitable for young learners. Our team also prepares packages for children, which include play-oriented educational materials such as toys, blocks and shapes, sand trays, puzzles and measuring devices and even reading materials in all three languages – Sinhala, English and Tamil.

With the support of one of our donors, we’re now able to help fund age appropriate teaching and teaching materials to 11 of ChildFund’s ECD centres across Sri Lanka.

And, it’s with your support that we will continuing to provide help where it is needed the most.

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With the help of one of our donors, young children are developing cognitive-learning skills

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