27 August 2019

Big Changes Which Have Created An Impact In Kenya

An update from our dedicated programme area

Self-reliance is significant because it means that a local organisation is empowered and independent, and can seek funding for, manage and monitor their own community development activities.

In Emali, Kenya, sourcing of diverse funding has become a key component of their Road Map. Where international donor funds have traditionally been the catalyst to improve living conditions for children and families, now the local organisations we work with are finding other ways to bring about positive change in Emali.

New initiatives have helped build the foundations for local enterprises.

Greenhouses have provided valuable, and much-needed, nutrition for children and extra produce for generating revenue. Similarly, local farmers have received skills and business training to improve the quality of their products and earn a better livelihood, year-over-year.

On a larger scale, ChildFund New Zealand is currently working with local organisations in Emali to collect and process milk from farmers in the region*. Through these activities, the people in Emali, Kenya, are a few steps closer to achieving the goals they’ve set in their Road Map.

*This project is partially funded by the New Zealand Aid Programme. ChildFund, and our partner communities, value this support hugely.


This story was included as part of the 2018 Annual Report issue of Thrive magazine. Click here to read the report.

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