01 November 2019

How does child sponsorship help families improve their income?

Learn more about how sponsorship support is changing lives in Vietnam

Earning a decent income is an essential part of life. However, in  many places around the world, access to clean and safe drinking water isn’t always available. 

In the remote and mountainous region of Cao Bang, Vietnam, ChildFund has been working to improve the ability for families in our sponsorship areas to earn a decent income.  

Through child sponsorship funds, 165 women in Cao Bang were recently provided training on ways to care for chickens, how to farm passionfruit and animal husbandry. 100% of the women who attended the training applied these techniques and are now feeling more confident and able to make important financial decisions. 

As a result of this training, more than 80% of those who participated have reported increased income after only four months of taking part in the programme. 

With your support, ChildFund is helping to create change where it’s needed the most

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