Continuing our 21st birthday celebration with posts from our staff, Ilse explains how far a mother’s love can reach.

Ilse at five months old

By Ilse Fell, Sponsor Services

Why do you sponsor a child? Why do you care for another child? Why do you love another child? Why would you raise another child? These questions have followed me around for a long time, but I know now why.

My parents adopted me when I was just five months old. They brought me up with all the love and care that two people are capable of giving to a child, and more. Often I have said to myself, “I could never do that and especially not someone else’s child”. However is that really so? Am I not able to love another child as my own, I am not able to teach them the lessons needed in live? Can I not teach them what’s right and wrong? I really should because I have had the best two teachers all my life and still have them around me when I need them.

Now I have an eight year old daughter that I have adopted and love dearly. She may not be my blood but she copies me enough. I teach her day-to-day things, taught by my parents. Have I not said when I was my daughter’s age, “I will not say/teach/do that to my children when I grow up”? How wrong was I, as the education never stops and the best way to know if you have succeeded as a good teacher, is when your children copy you. And you know they will give their children the best guidance.

Now I am 34 years old, and have started my sponsorship with a child in Vietnam. Although I can’t give him all he needs, I do know that love is unconditional and can reach as far as you want it to go. I hope that with my help he will receive what he needs to make him the man he wants to become. My daughter already feels like she has a little brother, as she often asks about him and talks to him. It is also a good learning curve for her as she appreciates what she has and that there are children out there that are not as fortunate as her.

I would like to thank ChildFund for having such a long reach so that people are able to sponsor children around the world as I know that the love for children has no limit. Congratulations to ChildFund for their 21 years in New Zealand. I have only been here for one month, but love to spread the love for children through ChildFund.

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