11 June 2019

How you say it is just as important as what you say

Thanks to your support, children and teachers in Cao Bang are now showing better communications skills

Being a good communicator is an important skills for young people to learn, especially as they progress through school and into meaningful careers. Having the ability to speak clearly, with open body language is extremely helpful for children and youth, to build self-esteem and form quality relationships throughout their lifetime.

However, these skills don’t always come easily, and even some adults find communicating difficult. That’s why, in some of our programme areas, we focus on training young people in developing strong communications skills.

In Cao Bang Vietnam, we’ve recently completed a training workshop for 60 students to learn lifelong language and leadership skills, via extracurricular training.

Upon completion of their training, the children are now confident enough to practice their communication skills in front of their adults and peers. Initially the children had found difficulty in asking questions and giving feedback in Vietnamese. The children would normally use words and phrases in their own communication style, as opposed to communicating in clear, concise and complete sentences.

The initial training has taught the students to communicate with simple interaction methods, such as looking straight into the eyes of the receiver while considering the importance of facial expressions and body language.

Six local local teachers also had the chance to participate in the language and leadership training, which they will use in the future to support the pupils within their schools.

Thanks to your support the students and teachers in Cao Bang are well on their way to a brighter future!

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