20 July 2017

A chicken farm is helping Imani grow up strong

A new poultry farm means Imani is no longer hungry at school. Now she can focus on her studies.

5 year old Imani lives in Emali, Kenya. Imani studies at one of the education centres that received support from ChildFund in the form of a chicken farm. 

Poultry farms allow communities to keep and breed chickens, providing a reliable food source of eggs and meat. Just two eggs a day can give a child essential vitamins to keep them healthy, and safe from hunger.

Hungry all day

Before the poultry farm arrived at the education centre, food was scarce for 5 year old Imani. Breakfast is rare for Imani’s family, when it is available it’s strong tea without milk because it’s too expensive for her mother, Lisa, to buyDinner would be a dish made from maize. 

Arriving at school without breakfast left Imani hungry all day and unable to focus on her studies. She’d fall asleep because she was so hungry. Thanks to the new poultry farm – the school can provide Imani and other children with food they’d otherwise miss out on.

 “It is really helping my child because I no longer have to worry about her feeling hungry all day. Before we had this program, Imani suffered. She would be very inactive all day. Now she is healthy because she eats a variety of foods at school, porridge, meat and eggs. These are foods that we rarely eat at home.” – Lisa.

Thanks to the poultry farm, Imani is more confident in the futures of her children. She hopes they will grow up to become doctors and teachers.

Imani enjoys eating at school

Imani is happy to have food to eat. Before the poultry farm, she felt tired and sleepy. Now she can spend time focusing on her favourite school activities, reciting poems and singing.

“I like reciting poems and singing. Last term, I was the best student in reciting poems in my class. I even participated in the County School Drama and Music festival where I won top prize.”

When I eat food at school, I feel happy and full and I can play.” - Imani.

Thank you for a brighter future

Imani and Lisa would like to thank Kiwis for helping to fund the poultry farm. You’ve made such a big difference to their lives, now Imani has a happy and healthier future.

“I am so grateful. I wish I could meet these sponsors and pour out my heart to them. They are God-sent. What they are doing is not only helping our kids to grow healthy but also to achieve a brighter future.” - Lisa.

There's more information about how you can donate a chicken to feed a hungry child here.


A chicken farm is helping Imani grow up strong

A new poultry farm means Imani is no longer hungry at school. Now she can focus on her studies. 

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