02 July 2019

Improved learning for hundreds of students in Luangwa

ChildFund supporters are helping to fund new school classrooms in Zambia

ChildFund exists to help children and youth thrive. That’s why we focus on partnering with local organisations in regions where the support of our donors can make the biggest impact.

Luangwa, Zambia, is one of these areas.

Access to education is a concern for those living in some regions of Luangwa. Most schools in the area have limited spaces for students, and many are drastically in need of repairs. Often, teaching is done in shifts, where some classes are filled in the morning, and others are filled in the afternoon. In spite of this, schools are still overcrowded.

Given the shortage of classrooms in the area, ChildFund has joined forces with the Ministry of General Education in Zambia, as well as the Luangwa Child Development Agency (LCDA) to construct a new classroom block in one of Luangwa’s primary schools.

Thanks to the support of our child sponsors, the new classroom block has given 70 more children the opportunity to attend school, and the project has also benefitted more than 500 other students indirectly by reducing the congestion in their classrooms and creating a better environment from which to learn. Teachers are now more motivated to teach students in the new classrooms.

At ChildFund, we continue to work with local organisations to improve the lives of children and youth. To learn more about how the support of our donors is helping children thrive, visit www.childfund.org.nz/thrive. 

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