“We have nothing left … we have nothing left”, repeats Jane.

Her beautiful two-year old daughter Aisha looks up at me, clinging desperately to her mother. She has severe acute malnutrition, and I struggle with the thought that Aisha’s death could be just days away.

“Today, our neighbour gave us a small amount of rice to eat. Without that, Aisha would have gone hungry again” Jane continues.

I ask Jane what food she will give Aisha tomorrow. She replies, “I don’t know”. As she leads me around her small village in Kenya, Jane points out all the devastating ways the drought has impacted her family and community.

Jane desperately needs food for her daughter Aisha.

The grass has died. The crops have failed. The water has become tainted with disease. Schools are closing. Nursing mothers can no longer produce milk for their babies.

On top of that, Jane shares, food prices have surged beyond her ability to pay. “We relied on livestock for our income” she explains. “But most of our animals have wandered away looking for pasture and water, while the weak ones have already died. You can see their skeletons in the dust”.

It’s easy to see why Jane has little hope. But with the help of friends like you, children like Aisha don’t have to die. The support of Kiwis is urgently needed to help provide vulnerable kids like Aisha the nutrition and clean water they need to survive.

We need to act now.

Towards the end of our time together, Jane looks up at me. She hesitates before speaking… “You can see now … there’s no milk, no food, no water. Nothing. My child is not getting what she needs.

“Can you get something? I don’t have anything for her.”

I promised her that help will come. I just hope it comes fast enough for Aisha’s sake.

- Jake

To help mothers like Jane feed their children before it's too late, please donate now.

Jake Lyell reports on the drought and hunger faced by families in northern Kenya

Read how mum Jane is struggling to find food and water for her 2-year-old daughter Aisha.

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