ChildFund Ambassador Lana Garland is Living Below the Line for ChildFund this year. You may recognise Lana as the Food-in-a-Minute Lady from TV. So with food such a focus in Lana’s life Live Below the Line is going to be a special challenge! This post is the first of a regular series where Lana will be sharing her family’s journey, plus tips and advice on their experience of Living Below the Line.

ChildFund Ambassador Lana GarlandChildFund Ambassador Lana Garland

Right, so with the Global Citizen Concert this Sunday, my focus is really moving to gearing up for the Live Below The Line challenge in support of ChildFund.

After I had decided that I was definitely keen, the next choice was, will I be doing this alone or will I be encouraging my children to join me? Manaia, my 13 year old son’s first question was ‘Is it $2.25 each?’ Thankfully the answer to that was yes. His next question was, is it during the school term? And it is, and it happens to be the last week of term, hmmm yes, this is going to be a challenge all right.

I instantly thought, as a mother, I will no doubt need to sacrifice some of my food just to keep my highly active children functioning.  I am hoping this will be off set a bit by the positive economics of having $6.75 per day for food for the three of us, as opposed to just the $2.25 for me if I was going it alone. It really brought it home for me though, how many mothers and fathers around the world make that sacrifice for their children every day.

This will undoubtedly be a real challenge for our whanau, but I am actually looking forward to it…don’t think the kids are quite there yet, but I think it’s a golden opportunity to foster some real and meaningful empathy for the countless millions around the world who live every day hungry. And a beautiful chance to actually do something about it!

Please join Lana and our ChildFund family in Living Below the Line for ChildFund and share your thoughts with us on your challenge experience.

The Live Below the Line challenge is a way to think differently about extreme poverty and make a difference. It takes place in September for five days with thousands of Kiwis living on only $2.25 for food and drink per day.

You can read Lana’s post on her blog page on Live Below the Line and support her too!

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