– by Isla Marsh

We love our community fundraisers, and it’s especially heart-warming to hear about kids doing their best to help other, less privileged kids out of strife. “Kids often get missed out in big situations. They might feel like nobody cares for them and there is no hope for survival” says 11 year old Isla Marsh. Upon learning that children were suffering in Nepal after the May earthquake, Isla was motivated to do all she could to help out, and set out to fundraise as much as she could within her local community here in NZ for the children of Nepal. Part of her project involved writing about her experience, and we’re happy to be able to share it with you here.

Community fundraiser Isla Marsh with her sign to raise money for the Nepal earthquake.

My name is Isla Marsh and I’m 11 years old. I go to school at Balmoral Intermediate in Auckland. We were asked to do project out of school hours and we could choose anything. I decided to sell cupcakes to raise money for the people in Nepal who have been affected by the earthquakes. The news of the earthquakes had been all over the newspapers and my school had already done some fundraising for this cause. I felt really sad when I saw the pictures of people with no food or homes and rubble all around them. I wanted to give them more money.

Community fundraiser Isla Marsh making cupcakes for the children of Nepal

I chose ChildFund to give the money to because they look after children. Kids often get missed out in big situations. They might feel like nobody cares for them and there is no hope for survival. ChildFund makes sure the kids get a safe place to play and when everything is going wrong that there is somewhere safe to be. I hope the money I raise will go to help the children my age. If I was in an earthquake I would feel lonely and scared.

Isla proudly stands by her cupcake stand - selling to raise money for Nepal.

When I was selling my cupcakes I really liked the comments that people gave me, such as, “did you actually make those cupcakes?” I felt proud of my hard work and for making something that people thought looked special.  It was also rewarding doing something for someone else. People were really generous and often gave more money than the cost of the cupcakes. I even met a man from Nepal (whose wife actually works for ChildFund!) which was really cool, because a person from the place I was raising money for was appreciative of my efforts.

ChildFund New Zealand CEO Paul Brown with Isla receiving a her certificate of appreciationIsla with ChildFund New Zealand CEO - Paul Brown, after she came into the office to deliver the money she had raised.

My goal was to raise at least $50 – which I aced, because my final total was $250! My other goal was to write a piece for ChildFund about my experience. I hope that people reading this will be inspired to fundraise for Nepal themselves.

You too can help children and families in Nepal by donating to our Nepal Earthquake Appeal.

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