Just like too many families in Cao Bang, Vietnam, nine-year-old Mai's family were trying to survive on little more than a dollar a day. Mai's family is one of the poorest families in the village, there simply isn't enough money for school uniforms, health-care or even basics like clothes and shoes. 

Our amazing supporters understood the danger of hunger - and helped give Mai's family a female cow from the Kiwi Cow Bank. 


The cow will provide manure, fertiliser to increase crop yields, an income through agriculture work, and provide meat. This means children like Mai will have nourishing food all year round, and won't not go hungry.

Mai is very fond of her cow. When she realised that her family were going to get a cow, she constantly asked her mother "When will our family receive the cow?", "I can't wait to see it!" Now every day after school, Mai helps her grandmother take care of the cow, and collects grass with her sister for the cow to eat.


The other great benefit of supporting the ChildFund Cow Bank is the cow becomes a source of savings for each family that receives one. It can be sold, which means families have assets in times of crisis, such as a health emergency or a season without food.


Mai's mother, An, said "The cow brings hope to my family because when it has babies, we will have more assets. If we sell a calf, we can generate our family income. Therefore, the cow is very important to my family"


After three years Mai's family will return their loan cow to the Kiwi Cow Bank - so it can be lent again to help another family.


"I would like to say thank you to the communal leaders and people and the project staff who helped us to have the cow. It is very important for my family", said Mai's mother.


The goal of this project is to loan cows to 250 families, so watch this space for further updates on the ChildFund Cow bank and the lives your care can transform. 

To sponsor a child in Vietnam go to our Sponsor a Child page and search for children in Vietnam.

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