Our third staff post for June continues with Marie who processes payments and donations made by caring Kiwis.

By Marie Chan

I came to work at ChildFund New Zealand in June last year. I work in the Finance Department and every day I get to open all the mail. It’s really lovely to see the little gifts and photos sent to sponsored children. I never realised before I came to work here just how many generous and wonderful people there were here in New Zealand.

Even though most people’s finances are more limited than in previous years the number of wonderful donations and gifts that come to us for the children are overwhelming sometimes. I have been moved to tears on more than one occasion.

To be honest with you before I started here I always wondered whether the funds people gave went to the right place. After working here for a year now my I am convinced that they do.
Your support brings clean water to children

Unfortunately the needs of the poor in the world are so great that it can make you sad at times, but when you read and hear the reports of what has been achieved in of our project communities you can’t help feeling really good and proud to be a part of ChildFund.

We will continue on, making sure that every day we do our very best with the funds which have been entrusted to us.

Thank you to everyone who has helped ChildFund New Zealand get to 21!

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