Raphael, a malaria volunteer from Luangwa, Zambia, shares his experiences and thanks with Kiwi supporters who have helped reduce the number of new cases of malaria by more than half in the community.

ChildFund Zambia malaria volunteerRaphael delivers a mosquito net to a community member

Dear Africa Orphan Rescue Supporters,

First and foremost, I would like to thank you all for supporting the Malaria Prevention Project. I indeed enjoy my work as I am able to pass on knowledge to others in the community and have made a great difference. Before the project began, the community had a lot of misconception over causes of malaria. These misconceptions are long gone as people are now able to seek early treatment and hang the bed nets correctly.

During the course of my work I had a memorable experience in which I encountered a family of seven all suffering from malaria. There was no one to care for others and I had to call for a community health worker who examined and treated them. The situation really touched me because no one among family members could care for others or cook for the family.

ChildFund Zambia malaria volunteer home visitRaphael visits homes and helps educate the community

I also had a funny experience during routine monitoring when I came across a mother of two who would correctly tuck the net over her bed but preferred to leave her head outside the net for fear of being suffocated. She eventually suffered from malaria and her two children got ill too. She has since started using the net correctly after explaining to her that she also needs to cover her head for complete protection.

We are really grateful that ChildFund gave us knowledge through trainings and provided bed nets for distribution in our communities. The organisation further provided bicycles for use during home visits and taking some patients to the health centre. Educating the community over prevention measures and particularly helping families on how to hang the nets is quite beneficial. Another interesting aspect is that of educating the community on the importance of seeking early treatment when they are ill.

Bicycles provided allow volunteers like Raphael to reach more families

My passion for voluntary work in order to contribute towards community development is helpful in making me an effective Malaria Control Agent. I always urge my fellow agents to continue educating and encouraging the community in practicing malaria preventive measures in order to eradicate malaria by the year 2030. My fellow malaria control agents are very responsive to this call and together we are confident that malaria will go.

I would like to thank ChildFund supporters and the New Zealand government for funding the Luangwa Malaria Prevention Project. Through this project, the community received bed nets, the best malaria preventive measure, and made it possible for us to have the knowledge which we share with other community members.

Best wishes,

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