Mercy was desperately worried for the future of her young son, Lewis. 

It hadn't rained in some parts of Kenya for 28 months. Crops and cattle had died, and there was nothing for Lewis to eat but tea with a little soured milk. It is a heart wrenching situation for any mother to find herself in. 

But the kindness of wonderful Kiwis has changed their lives...

New Zealanders generous donations have been put to work to help Mercy and Lewis, and other families who are affected by the hazards of drought. Parents like Mercy have been able to protect their children from hunger, thanks to the generosity of New Zealander’s.


Healthy Food


Mercy took part in a training on cooking nutritious food, and now knows how to prepare meals so they don't lose valuable vitamins and minerals. Methods like soaking grains before cooking and not overcooking vegetables means Lewis gets all the goodness that his meals have to offer. The family also received drought resistant seeds and have planted their own kitchen garden. Before, when the family had food, it was Ugali, a cornmeal porridge that fills tummies but provides little nutrition for growing children. Mercy is very happy that vegetables are now a regular feature in the family's meals. 


Water for Life


Thanks to everyone who donated to our appeal, Mercy's family, and many others, have also benefited from a ChildFund borehole drilled in their village.


Clean, safe water is now close by, and the family have water to drink, cook and bathe. The children are also able to attend school regularly, as they’re not having to spend their time travelling long distances to collect water.


Drought kills livestock, meaning families lose the ability to earn an income. Thanks to the water point our supporters helped to install, Mercy is able to provide water to her cow and goats, meaning she has the opportunity to earn money for her family by selling milk.


Happy and Safe Children

When we first met Mercy, the toll of malnutrition was showing in little Lewis – crying because of his hunger, a lack of energy, stunted growth.


And the worry was plain to see in Mercy’s face.


Now when asked how he is, Mercy smiles. He’s a happy boy, who enjoys school and is able to attend regularly. He hasn’t been sick in a long time, which understandably brings Mercy great happiness.


Lewis helps his mother with the goats, and enjoys playing soccer. His playful smile, which used to be rare, is seen often now – especially when he and his brother are having a kick around.


Mercy is a mother who has had a weight lifted from her shoulders, and she has a message of thanks to those who changed their lives:


“I thank you a lot, may God bless you all and give you strength to carry on.”

Her wish is to meet her helpers, so she could greet them, hug them and welcome them into her home for a cup of tea.


Our supporters made these amazing, positive changes in Lewis and Mercy’s lives possible


On behalf of the children, youth, mums and dads of Emali, Ashe oleng (thank you very much).

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