In late 2011, a drought and famine crisis threatened the lives of people living in the Horn of Africa.  Thanks to the incredible generosity of everyday Kiwis, ChildFund has been able to not only provide emergency assistance to families in Kenya, but work with communities to develop long term solutions.  Watch the video below to see Kiwi generosity in action.

Turkana, Kenya had some of the highest malnutrition rates in Kenya during the 2011 drought. ChildFund New Zealand provided more than 16,000 of the youngest children and 560 pregnant or breastfeeding mothers with nutritious food to help them through the worst stage of the crisis. 

ChildFund provided food at preschools to encourage children to remain in school and continue their education. Children had their weight regularly monitored and were referred for medical care if they were severely malnourished. Water containers and water treatment chemicals were distributed, and fuel was provided to ensure that pumps at water boreholes could continue to operate.

Jacinta, a young mum, told ChildFund staff, "In early 2011, I watched as my children starved because of lack of food. I didn’t even think of taking them to school for I walked from place to place in search of food every day. ChildFund New Zealand’s intervention has wiped away our tears."

By looking after the youngest children in the community, ChildFund gives parents the time to participate in long-term development projects like the Food for Assets programme. This ensures that the community is more resilient to droughts in the future.


For more information about ChildFund's work in Kenya, please visit the Kenya country page.  To read more about how ChildFund responds to emergencies, please visit the Emergencies page. 

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