24 May 2017

Making learning fun in Vietnam

Thanks to kind Kiwis, children in Vietnam are learning in new, fun ways.

Thanks to the generosity of Kiwis, hundreds of children in Vietnam have access to better education! 

Although the Vietnamese Government prioritises education, the quality of it isn't consistent. With temporary classrooms common place and teaching skills not always up to scratch, it's easy for kids to give up on learning.

After talking with the communities and children of the Tra Linh district in Vietnam, they told us they wanted quality education. 

So, how do you get kids interested in education again? You give them confidence in it, and you make it appealing. How do you make it appealing? Well these are kids, you make it fun!

Improving learning

Quality education is important. But teachers were given little guidance on conducting lessons. By training teachers, they learnt to put together effective lesson plans. 

Lessons in Vietnamese, told using stories and poems, meant that preschool students could understand words. The children began to understand what was happening in the stories and poems being read to them, making learning more fun.

Older students could explain new words and had fun making up new sentences! 

Giving children a voice

Preschool students used to be dependent on their teachers' permission to say or do something in class. But they wanted to be involved with learning, so they were provided with the chance to share their ideas on learning. 

Now, teachers are paying attention to their students ideas, and decorating their classrooms with their help. 

Fun playgrounds

Activities and games make learning fun! Having a safe, playground to play in gives kids the chance to mix with their friends, develop life skills and gain confidence. 

Parents, teachers and children were given guidance on making creative and safe playgrounds, and they made toys using local materials.

The result? Happy children enjoying their new playgrounds and playing games with their friends!

Thank you!

Thanks to the support of generous Kiwis, hundreds of children in Vietnam will have a better education and a better future. We cannot thank you enough!

If you'd like to support a child to reach their dreams please consider sponsoring a child

Making learning fun in Vietnam

Thanks to kind Kiwis, new playgrounds and ways of teaching are getting kids interested in learning again in Vietnam.

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