22 April 2019

Mapping the road ahead

Together with the communities we support, ChildFund New Zealand has developed a new way of doing things.

A key challenge that we face at ChildFund New Zealand is how to truly empower communities instead of creating dependency from prolonged development support. The complex nature of bringing about real and long-lasting change in our partner communities is something that our team has been discussing for many years. What does it mean to help children to thrive?

It has become clear that the success of our work is strongly linked to self-reliance—the point at which a community can independently provide for their families and their children, and are prepared for future challenges and opportunities.

To help communities achieve their goal of self-reliance, together we developed a planning tool, the Road Map—and, as a result, we’re preparing to see even more children thrive.

Road Maps are unique. They are created by their community, and they detail the steps that will take them from poverty to self-reliance – over 5, 10 or 20 years.

Through in-depth consultation with those most impacted by our programmes, we have facilitated the development of Road Maps in our dedicated partner communities: Emali, Luangwa, Batticaloa and Cao Bang.

By identifying the most critical needs of children, youth and families living in these four dedicated areas, we can plan what steps need to be taken to have the biggest impact on children—not only for today or tomorrow—but for many years to come.

Learn more about how your donations are helping communities reach their goals:

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Driving change in Batticaloa, Sri Lanka

Towards independence in Cao Bang, Vietnam

Staying on the right track in Luangwa, Zambia

If you'd like to visit our communities, take a look at this opportunity to win a trip to meet your sponsored child!

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