At the end of her visit to Kenya, ChildFund’s Kathrine Seavill was lucky enough to meet her own sponsored child Faith, who is an orphan looked after by her elderly grandmother.


Today I am going to meet my sponsored child – yay!! Faith lives in the township of Emali with her Grandmother and her cousin Melody. Faith’s Grandmother has been battling breast cancer for some time now so is struggling to support herself, Melody and Faith. She picks up casual labour when she can although the money she earns is barely enough to feed the family.

I meet with Faith and her Grandmother and Melody in the Emali Project Office. Her photos do not do her justice – she is absolutely beautiful and is a bright, happy child who is clearly very attached to her Grandmother. Faith and I look at each other and neither of us are quite sure how to proceed. Faith and Melody are wearing their school uniforms and it is explained to me that these are their best clothes although neither of them are wearing shoes.

Faith and Kathrine

I give Faith some gifts of art materials and a necklace that I had bought for her. I am pleased that I had bought enough for both children. Faith smiles happily as I place the necklace around her neck and like all little girls she is very pleased to have something pretty to wear.

Faith, Melody and I play with the art materials and Faith draws me a picture (which now holds pride of place on my wall at home). I had also bought some bubble-blowing soap and rings – we have great fun blowing masses of bubbles.

Faith blowing bubbles

Faith’s Grandmother tells me how grateful she is that Faith has a sponsor and how nice it will be to be able to write to each other and keep in touch.

All too soon it is time to go back to work and for the children to go back to school. Faith and I leave with promises to write to each other and catch up on each other’s news. I am really pleased that my small contribution of $44 per month is going to make such a difference to Faith and her family.

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