This year we asked caring Kiwis to send posters to children overseas, filled with messages of love and how to stay clean and safe.  Washing hands properly, boiling water, using the toilet, and washing veggies in clean water are simple messages that can help prevent children from getting sick.

These special photos and quotes from children in Vietnam show just how important these messages from a caring friend can be. 

Nuyen, 8 years old

I love the poster very much because it looks so beautiful and useful. I am now putting it in a paper box. I will hang it on the wall and share with my friends.

I would like to say thank you all. I promise I will study well and do housework to help my parents.

Kan, 8 years old

I like it very much. There is a picture of soap that reminds me washing hands before eating. The image of boiling water means that we should not drink unboiled dirty water. We have to clean hands after using the toilet. After washing hands, we can eat fruits.

The poster is very useful. I would like to send great thanks to the sponsors. 


Loan, 7 years old

I like the poster. Thanks to it, I know how to wash hands correctly. First, wet the hands. Second, get the soap on hands and rub them against each other. Third, clean with water. Finally, dry hands with towels.

I put it in the nylon bags so that my younger sibling cannot tear it out when playing with it. Sometimes I hang it on the kitchen wall. I love the poster very much. I have known how to clean hands, boil water and drink clean water. 

Lam, 4 years old

I like the poster because it contains many beautiful pictures, especially the picture of hand washing soap.

Thank you sponsors!

You can help a child stay clean and healthy by giving the gift of a Hygiene Kit or Clean Water from the Gifts that Grow catalogue. To find out more about how Kiwis are helping children in Vietnam, please visit the Vietnam country page.  

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