Phill Prendeville’s post of June 30 tells the story of a Kenyan orphan called Moses and his desperate battle against disease and famine. Since then Moses has been receiving corn-soya blend porridge once a day. The fantastic news is that he now has a new sponsor from New Zealand.
For the many of you who want to know how Moses is doing, here is an update below from Violet Lukale, Sponsor Relations Officer for the Emali Dedicated Project in Kenya.


Warm greetings from the entire Emali Dedicated Project here in Kenya, and from Moses and his family.

Moses still lives with his grandmother and his uncle as his grandmother is too old to take care of him all by herself. The grandmother is working hard though casual jobs are scarce and the family depends mainly on ChildFund’s support for emergency relief food.

The food situation is bad in the area as it is still affected by long dry spells making it hard for the family to do any subsistence farming. However ChildFund is distributing emergency food rations to families in the area. We are concentrating on the most vulnerable groups such as malnourished children, like Moses, children under the age of five years, and pregnant and breast feeding mothers.

Children assemble at Early Childhood Care and Development Centres in their villages and their parents prepare vitamin-enriched porridge for them once a day.  Because of Moses’ poor health he has received supplementary feeding of vitamin-enriched porridge, beans and maize.


Moses is receiving anti-retroviral medication and ChildFund ensures he and his uncle have transport to the clinic on a monthly basis. His health is not too bad now but is affected by opportunistic illnesses. Last week he was diagnosed with an eye infection and has been referred to a specialised hospital in Nairobi for further treatment. We will make sure that he has transport to Nairobi.

We will keep you updated on Moses’ progress.

Many thanks to New Zealand for your interest in Moses and your continuing much-needed support.

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