Sleeping with the sound of mosquitoes buzzing around your head isn’t nice for anyone.

But when you know their bite could make you and your children sick from malaria, it’s not just annoying. It’s terrifying.

Thanks to generous Kiwis like you, Betty and her two children now sleep peacefully under an insecticide treated mosquito net.


“Before we got this mosquito net, my children and I would wake up with rash on our arms and face because of being bitten during the night,” Betty says. “[My daughter] Elida would usually develop a headache and fever after that.”


The net is keeping the family of three safe from the often deadly mosquito bites and also allowing single mum Betty to spend more time providing for her children.


“In the past we spent so much time nursing the sick child and this took time off other productive activities like farming and doing odd jobs that enable me to provide food,” she explains.

Betty’s eldest daughter Lynn – who used to suffer from malaria every few months – also has a new lease on life now she is staying healthy. She especially likes going to school.

“I love playing on the swing with my friend Mercy [and] I like to learn English,” she says. “I also love going for holidays at grandma’s place.”


Thank you for your generous donations to provide mosquito nets to families like Betty’s!

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