For a first-time mother, there’s nothing more terrifying than seeing your child fall desperately ill, especially when there’s little you can do to help them.

Angela – who lives in Chikondwelelo, Zambia – knows this feeling all too well, having watched her daughter Madeline, 4, suffer from malaria time and time again. “My daughter was failing to gain weight as she had frequent bouts of fever and being a young mum, I would always rush her to my mother’s place for advice,” Angela says. 

“My mother would often tell me it is malaria and help me to take her to the clinic. However after a few months treatment, this malaria would come back and I would be very unhappy because I love my daughter and it was hard to see her in pain.” 

When Angela received an insecticide treated mosquito net – through the support of generous Kiwis like you – she felt her daughter’s life had been spared. “I’m very grateful that we received a mosquito net,” she says. “Madeline is now healthy and she is steadily gaining weight, the fevers have reduced and this makes me so happy as her mother.” What’s more, thousands of other children just like Madeline have a healthier future to look forward to, thanks to supporters like you. 

More than 16,000 insecticide nets have now been distributed to families like hers in Zambia, Kenya and Timor-Leste, thanks to your support!

Why not choose to donate monthly to ensure children are protected from harm and disease always?

Kind kiwis provide children with mosquito nets

Insecticide mosquito nets protect children in Zambia, Kenya and Timor-leste thanks to donations from kind Kiwis.

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