‘“Don’t judge a book by its cover” (Designer, Sera Lilly), ‘If something’s worth doing, it’s worth doing right” (TV3’s Ingrid Hipkiss), “Laughter is the best medicine” (Silver Fern, Laura Langman) “Always be yourself, don’t try and be someone you’re not” (TVNZ’s Toni Street). These are some of the latest mantras being shared by celebrities to support ChildFund New Zealand’s Mother’s Day ‘Pearls of Wisdom’ campaign.

ChildFund is encouraging Kiwis to join a host of well-known faces in celebrating Mother’s Day, 12 May, by sharing online their own pearls of wisdom from their mother that have influenced their life, and in doing so, donate a sustainable gift that will genuinely make a difference to a family in a developing country.


To view the list of personal pearls logged by familiar Kiwi faces, visit https://www.childfund.org.nz/pearls On this site, the string of wise pearls from Kiwis are contrasted with those posted by those in developing countries, with some striking commonalities taking shape.


In a small Vietnamese village ChildFund works in, a mother’s advice to her child is “Brush your teeth properly or you cannot enjoy good food”. Although miles away, this pearl resonates with news presenter Peter Williams, whose mother shared that same advice with him.


“We’re not so different after all” paints a global picture of some of the world’s wisest words, and shows motherly advice not only transcends generations, but crosses international borders.


ChildFund New Zealand CEO Paul Brown says that in the 75 years the organisation has been operating, it is clear that mothers around the world want the same things for their children – health, happiness and safety.


“Wise words from life’s lessons are passed on from generation to generation, regardless of people’s origins. It’s humbling to reflect on this, and Mother’s Day is the perfect time to do so.


“We want to encourage New Zealanders to share something wise or quirky that has stood the test of time from their own mother, and remember this is a common thread that binds us, whichever country we call home.”


How can you get involved:

  • Visit ChildFund’s Pearls of Wisdom webpage and check out some favourite celebrity pearls – each celebrity pearl of wisdom corresponds to a ‘Mother-worthy’ gift – perfect as a thoughtful gift idea for Mother’s Day.
  • Visit ChildFund New Zealand’s Facebook page to read more of your favourite celebrities’ Pearls of Wisdom, and share your own.
  • Buy a gift for the mum in your life and receive a special gift card. Order online or call 0800 223 111. Purchasers also get a ‘gift back’ via a full tax credit.


The range of ‘Mother-worthy’ gifts from the catalogue include:

  • Eating healthily - 15 fruit tree seedlings: $29 - Veggie seeds: $12 - Nutrition pack: $33
  • Washing your hands - Sanitation kit: $8
  • Dressing warmly - Warm jacket & gloves: $21
  • Studying hard - School starter kit: $27

Visit ChildFund's Gifts that Grow Catalogue webpage for more great ideas.


Please note: all images on this page are copyright ChildFund New Zealand.

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